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Vintage VIN-FP9K-DX-XLT 9,000 lb Deluxe Storage Lift Extended L / H
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Vintage VIN-FP9K-DX-XLT 9,000 lb Deluxe Storage Lift Extended L / H

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Vintage VIN-FP9K-DX-XLT 9,000 lb Deluxe Storage Lift Extended L / H

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The VIN-FP9K-DX-XLT Four Post Lift is designed and constructed to be a commercial grade lift, with industry leading Runway length & Drive-Thru width, allowing the ability to either Store or Service large vehicles. In addition, the VIN-FP9K-DX-XLT comes standard with Poly Casters, Drip Trays & Jack / Tool Tray, making it one of the best lift values in the industry!

Included Parts

Jack/Tool Tray
Comes as a standard option. Great tray for holding you jack or tools.

One-Step Poly Caster Kit
Set of 4. Easy to install with no tools-simply pin them on, lower lift, casters automatically lift the columns; turn lift sideways to park two vehicles underneath.

Stackable Poly Drip Trays
Set of 4 lightweight polyethylene; stackable: simply slide to back and stack!


  • 9,000 lbs. capacity
  • Commercial grade Lift
  • Non-skid Diamond Plate Runways
  • Adjustable Lock Ladder leveling
  • Single Point, Manual Lock release
  • Powder coat finish
  • Steel approach ramp

Lifting Height 82.3"
Overall Length w/ Ramps 239"
Overall Width w/ NO Ramps 197"
Overall Width 123"
Overall Width w/ Power Unit 134.5"
Approach Ramp Length 37"
Runway Tread Width 20"
Runway Length 188.5"
Runway Height 4.80"
Column Height 97"
Clearance Between Columns 111.5"
Clearance Between Runways 39.5"
Outside Runway to Outside Runway 79"
Clearance Under Runways 81"
Drive Thru Width 99"
Locking Positions 12
Lifting Speed 90s
Power 110v-15Amp / 1PH
Ship Weight 2365 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty