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Tuxedo Rolling Air Jack 8,000 LB Capacity - On The Rail - Air Bag - High Mount
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Tuxedo Rolling Air Jack 8,000 LB Capacity - On The Rail - Air Bag - High Mount


Tuxedo Rolling Air Jack 8,000 LB Capacity - On The Rail - Air Bag - High Mount

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Tuxedo RAJ-8K-H Rolling Air Jack 8,000 lb. Capacity - On The Rail - Air Bag - High Mount The RAJ-8K Rolling Air Jack is a high quality, low profile, Air Bag, scissor type rolling bridge Jack with Pneumatic operation that includes exclusive telescoping Universal Roller Body Bracket Assemblies designed for either High Mount or Low Mount applications. The RAJ-8K adjustable ‘spring loaded’ Roller Body Assemblies also consist of dual precision ‘on-rail’ type Roller Bearing Wheels and Side Bearing Guide Wheels designed for smooth and safe operation. The RAJ-8K Jacks also come standard with stackable Pad & Height Adaptors, dual Air Bags, adjustable Pressure Regulator & Locking Height Position. RAJ-8K-H – ‘High Mount’ model incorporates adjustable height Roller Body Brackets suitable for Four Post Lifts using low profile Jacks with low mount jack rails and high profile Runways, to provide enough clearances for proper operation and from touching the ground when fully lowered. Two adjustable mounting heights positions available. Features: Universal Roller Body design with dual ‘spring loaded’ precision Roller Bearing & Side Guide Wheels with adjustable Height for Low, Medium & High Jack Rail configurations. Low Profile configuration Rolls on top edge of Jack Rail for smooth maneuverability Dual Height Telescoping Support Arms Pneumatic operation w/ adjustable Pressure Regulator Dual Air Bags Stackable Pad & Height Adaptors – 1.25” & 5” Height Adaptors (1 Pair each) Ships in durable Wooden Crate Specs Lift Capacity: 8,000 lbs.  Telescoping Support Arms - Min/Max: 38-3/8” – 60” (Roller Body wheel center) Lifting Arms - Min / Max: 35-7/16” – 57-1/2” (Pad center) Lifting Height - Min/Max: 6-9/16” – 14-7/8” (Pad Adaptor only) ‘High Mount’ - adjustable Roller Body Bracket Height: 1” ‘Low Mount’ - adjustable Roller Body Bracket Height: 1” Stackable Adaptor Heights: 1-5/16” & 5” (1 Pair) Locking Positions: 1ea Required Power: 100 - 125 PSI / 10 - 20 CFM Ship Weight: 426 lbs. p ackage Size: 43”L x 29” W x 12” H //

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