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Tuxedo 950 Tire Changer
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Tuxedo 950 Tire Changer

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Tuxedo 950 Tire Changer

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Swing arm design Handles tires to 47" and rim widths to 15" Four pneumatic clamps and double acting cylinders Side mounted bead breaker Bead seating inflation jets in clamping jaws No scratching - machine never contacts rim Lubricator, water separator and air pressure regulator Comes with the lube bucket and brush 26" x 26" square turntable that can accommodate wheel diameters up to 47" Motorcycles and ATV wheel Adapters (OPTIONAL) Model Number: TC-950 Max. Wheel Diameter: 47" Max. Wheel Width: 3" - 15" Rim Diameter Inside: 15" - 28" Rim Diameter Outside: 13" - 24" Working Pressure: 8-10 bar Power Supply: 1.5 hp 110v Bead Breaker: 2500 kg Shipping Weight: 595 lbs.

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Tuxedo 950 Tire Changer