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Triumph NT-9 9,000 lb. 2 Post Lift
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Triumph NT-9 9,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

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Triumph NT-9 9,000 lb. 2 Post Lift

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$ 1,925.00 

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NT-9 9,000 lb Two Post Auto Lift

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We provide you with the best value available for a two post floor plate automotive lift.  We want you to have the absolute best lift for the best price and are confident that we can provide that lift.  The NT.9 comes with more features at a better price than any other lift on the market.  Success in your new business or in your own home shop is important to us.  We make it affordable to start your business or to have your own dream garage at home.

Three stage front arms provide excellent reach on a wide variety of vehicles.

Floor Plate to cover cables and hose and fit under low ceiling.

Includes Power Unit/Motor and floor mounting hardware.

Model NTO-9A
Style Overhead 2 Post Lift
Weight Capacity 9,000 lbs.
Overall Width 133"
Overall Height 145"
Lifting Height 72"
Distance Between Posts 107"
Drive Thru Width 96"
Lowered Height 4.5"
Base Plate Size 19x17"
Truck Adapters Yes
Lock Release Single Point
Electric Safety Cutoff Yes
Lift Time 40s
Voltage 220v
Horsepower 3 HP
Concrete 4" Slab, 3,000 PSI