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Rotary SMO14EL2 Open Front 14,000lb 4-Post Lift
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Rotary SMO14EL2 Open Front 14,000lb 4-Post Lift

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Rotary SMO14EL2 Open Front 14,000lb 4-Post Lift

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Rotary Open Front Four Post Lift Extended SMO14EL2

Rotary Vehicle Service lifts have, 5” higher rise to 78.75”, Louvered ramps with polymer rollers, Powder Coated Hammer Tone paint finish, Adjustable latch bars, Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks, ALI Gold Certified (SMO14-X). Features already included: • Cylinder located under the runway • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator • 20″ Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks • Dual function Sentinel Lock™ System • Adjustable latch bars Engineered for Productivity For decades, Rotary® has been the recognized leader in vehicle service lifts. This legendary reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market. Service and SupportLift Safety Standards A majority of our general service four-post lifts are third party tested by ETL and certified by ALI to meet or exceed strict ANSI standards such as 1.5 times rated capacity load test, engagement lock test, cable cut and deformation tests. Be sure the lift you buy has the gold ALI/ETL label that assures your lift has been tested to meet these standards

Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 months parts / 6 months labor

Ship Weight: 3245.0 lbs

Lift Capacity (lbs.): 14,000

Max. Rise (in.): 78 3/4

Overall Height (in.): 109 1/16

Overall Length (in.): 229

HP: 2

Motor Phase(s): Single

Volts: 208-230

Time of Full Rise (seconds): 65

Product Weight (lbs.): 3,216