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Rotary Revolution 12,000lb 2-Post Lift with 2-Stage Arms
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Rotary Revolution 12,000lb 2-Post Lift with 2-Stage Arms

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Rotary Revolution 12,000lb 2-Post Lift with 2-Stage Arms

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Full Description Specs   Full Description                                                                                                                                              Greater lifting capacity for servicing cars, trucks and vans The Revolution R12 is a value priced commercial grade 2-post lift. The ample 12,000-pound capacity ensures your shop can lift whatever comes through its doors.  Easy to swing 2-stage front and rear arms feature spring operated restraints that disengage at floor level.  Solidly built carriages handle the push from two full stroke cylinders all wrapped up in beefy columns designed for trouble-free performance. Adjustable height and width options are available at installation to further customize your shop to its needs. It’s durable powder coated paint finish will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. It’s ALI certified, which means that it’s been third party tested and validated to perform against the ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 standard, giving you piece of mind.    Specifically designed frame engaging adapters that swivel to reach a vehicle’s recommended pick up points, are included with every lift. Studded rubber pads in the center of each adapter grip pinch weld pickup points. Each lift includes 3.5” and 5” adapter extensions are included with every lift. A storage bracket for the adapter extensions is included and can be positioned on each column.   Features: 2-stage front and rear arms Two full-stroke cylinders Spring operated arm restraints, disengage at floor level Adjustable overhead heights available* Adjustable width and drive-thru settings Padded overhead switch bar Single point lock release Frame-engaging swivel adapters - extra height extensions are standard Durable powder coat finish ALI Gold Certified Lift     Specs MAXIMUM RISE: 72 ¾”, 77 ¾” (with 5” adapter extension) OVERALL HEIGHT: 166” OVERALL WIDTH: 140” DRIVE THROUGH CLEARANCE: 102 ¾” OVERHEAD SWITCH HEIGHT: 160 1/8” WIDTH INSIDE COLUMN: 120 7/8” FRONT REACH (MIN/MAX): 35” / 54” REAR REACH (MIN/MAX): 35” / 54” MIN/MAX ADAPTER HEIGHT: 4 ¾” W/NO ADAPTER / 9 ¾” W/5” ADAPTER WIDTH INSIDE COLUMN: 120 7/8” VOLTAGE/AMPS: 208/230, 12 amps; 208/230, 16 amps MOTOR/PHASE: 1ph/2HP/50Hz, 1ph/2HP/60Hz CEILING HEIGHT REQUIRED: 168” //