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Rotary Pro Truck 2D
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Rotary Pro Truck 2D

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Rotary Pro Truck 2D

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  This versatile commercial truck balancer can handle some large jobs.  Designed for fast accurate balancing of commercial, passenger vehicle and motorcycle wheels.  It’s a big package that’ll handle everything that’ll roll into your shop. R544 | Pro Truck 2D Microprocessor controlled Self-diagnostics Specific balancing programs Pneumatic wheel lock Full color easy to use display     Specs Technical Data R544 Rim Diameter 10" - 30 Rim Width 1.5" - 22" Max Tire Diameter 51" Maximum Wheel Weight 441 lbs. (200kg) Read Out Accuracy 10g Commercial 1g Passenger Vehicle Rotation Speed (rpm) 100 Commercial 80 Passenger Vehicle Power Supply 110v / 60 Hz / 1Ø //

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Rotary Pro Truck 2D