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Rotary Pro 2D Tire Balancer
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Rotary Pro 2D Tire Balancer

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Rotary Pro 2D Tire Balancer

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  This first level motorized balancer offers a great value to any shop. Its small footprint and lower rotational speed offers features even the most demanding operator will appreciate. A heavy-duty shaft, large offset for deep rims, easy to read display and standard accessories offering completes this great package.   R138 | Shop 2D Automatic Program Automatic Start Caliper Digital Display Hidden Weight Program   Specs Technical Data R138 Rim Diameter 10" - 26" Rim Width 1.5" - 22" Max Tire Diameter 35.4" Maximum Wheel Weight 143 lbs. (65kg) Read Out Accuracy 1g Cycle Time 7 Seconds Rotation Speed (rpm) <100 Power Supply 110v / 50-60 / 1hp //