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Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer
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Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer


Hofmann 8600 Tire Changer

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Full Description Specs   Full Description                                                                                           ESBD® (Electronic Sync Dual Bead Breaker) Laser pointer for precise mounting tool positioning Electronically synchronized dual-disc bead breaker with servo drive Bead roller is effective on both soft and stiff sidewalls Dual bead breaker allows ergonomic upright body position Leverless design prevents tire bead and sidewall damage Quick Fit Center Wheel Clamping Center wheel clamping provides easy and precise wheel mounting while avoiding damage Precise centering prevents rim edge contact with the mounting tool Two speed system provides both precision and productivity for mounting and demounting Laser Positioned Tooling Precise rim edge positioning prevents damage to the wheel or tire due to misaligned tool Lever-less Demount Head Integrated demounting finger gently pulls the bead over the rim edge, reducing the possibility of tire or wheel damage Ergonomic Dual Bead Breakers Easily positioned upper bead breaker and servo driven lower bead breaker Lower bead breaker is automatically positioned via the upper bead breaker position Integrated Tire Inflation System Quick and safe top side bead seating and inflation included Storage Compartment Easy access for tools and accessories Wheel Lift Reduces fatigue and the chance for injury presented by handling heavy tires and rims Bead Assist Follows the rotation to position the bead in the wheel’s drop center on difficult, stiff side wall, tires Wheel Center Pilot Hole Clamping Center piloting eliminates rim edge damage and provides positive center hole clamping using a cone and quick nut. Features ESBD® (Electronic Sync Dual Bead Breaker) Quick Fit Center Wheel Clamping Laser Positioned Tooling Lever-less Demount Head Ergonomic Bead Breaker Integrated Tire Inflation System Storage CompartmentWheel Lift Bead Assist Wheel Center Pilot Hole Clamping    Specs Wheel Diameter Range 12" - 30" (30.5 cm - 76 cm) Maximum Tire Diameter 47" (119 cm) Maximum Wheel Width 15" (38 cm) Maximum Wheel Weight 154 lbs (70 kg) Mounting Speeds CW 7/14 RPM - CCW 7 RPM Bead Breaker Range 28" (71 cm) Bead Breaker Stroke 11" (28 cm) Bead Breaker Force 2585 lbs (1173 kg) Maximum Torque 1106 ft*lbs Noise Level <70dB Air Requirements 100 to 140 PSI (7.5 BAR - 9.6 BAR) Dimensions (DxWxH) 70" x 89" x 59"(178 cm x 226 cm x 150 cm) Shipping Weight 946 lbs (429 kg) Power Requirements 200 - 240V 1Ph 50/60HZ

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