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CORGHI A2024TI-20E Tire Changer
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CORGHI A2024TI-20E Tire Changer

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CORGHI A2024TI-20E Tire Changer

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COR A2024TI-20E

$ 8,695.00 

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Full Description Specs   Full Description                                                                                                       Corghi's A2024TI tilt back tire changer is designed for cars and light truck tires. Made for low profile and ultra high performance tires the A2024TI is the best choice for reliability and long lasting performance. The unit is PAX capable with the accessory kit and Run-flat certified. This model comes with an electric motor.  Features Built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws. Unique mount/demount head does not touch the rim during operation. Locking handle locks head away from the rim. Powerful action bead-breaker blade follows bead to inside rim contour. Heavy-duty turntable rotates in either direction. Rebuildable stainless steel cylinders. Heavy-duty stainless steel turntable. Safe, fast, profitable and affordable. Pneumatic-locking mount/demount head. Sturdy tilt-back tower. Tire pressure sensor style rims changes safely. Interchangeable locking peaks on jaws. Table top rotation double-speed RPM 6-16. Shipping weight 560 lbs. Available with air or electric motor.   Standard Accessories Lube Bucket Lube Brush Tire Lever M/D Head Bottom Inserts Set of Jaw Protectors B/B Blade Protector Bead Clip Set of Inserts Tire Lever Cover Plus SP2000 Super Power Unit Pneumatic-powered upper disc holds bead into the wheel drop for mounting. Designed for low-profile, EMT and high-performance tires and wheels Loosening upper bead for demounting Push down upper bead for lubrication and tire tool insertion Lowering upper bead for inspection between bead and demount head Lowering upper bead for inserting and bead clamp; this clamp makes it possible to lift the bead over the mount/demount head Shipping weight 815 lbs Warranty 10 years on transmission 1 year on parts and labor     Specs Shipping Weight: 573 lbs Ext. Rim Size: 10"-24" Optional w/ Adapter: 8"-26" Int. Rim Size: 13"-26" Voltage: 110V 1 Ph Rim Width: 2"-15" Max Tire Diameter: 43" Air Pressure: 150 psi Bead Breaker Power @ Shoe: 3500 lbs Torque: 737 ft/lbs //  

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CORGHI A2024TI-20E Tire Changer