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Challenger 44012LR 12,000lb Lube Rack
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Challenger 44012LR 12,000lb Lube Rack

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Challenger 44012LR 12,000lb Lube Rack

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Challenger 44012LR Four Post Lube Lift 12,000 Capacity Challenger Lifts 44012LR/DLR is the best choice for a two person oil change operation. This Lube Rack is optimized for speed and efficiency. Its design allows one person to check fluids under the hood while standing on the diamond plated catwalk and another underneath, to change filters and fluids.

With optional drive thru ramps and oil drain pan, the 44012LR/DLR 4-Post Auto Lift is a perfect supplement to any service facility. From one 4-post lift to another, specifications can vary. Even though both the 44012LR and the 44012DLR have a 12,000 lb. lifting capacity, other specifications such as overall length and minimum recommended bay size are different. Features Walkways and handrails provide safety and allow 2 people to work on oil changes for maximum expediency Diamond plated approach ramps for positive vehicle traction

Low profile runways promote easy drive on for vehicles that sit low to the ground Front gate and moving ladder with wheels provide convenience and drive-thru flexibility Offset flared column design provides rigidity and stability during lifting High tensile strength leaf chain for heavy lifting and maximum reliability Heavy duty lifting cylinder provides reliability to minimize downtime Continuously engaged mechanical lock system for increased safety Built-in runway rail system accepts optional rolling jacks for brake/tire work and other general service.