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CEMB DWA3400 3D Wheel Alignment System
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CEMB DWA3400 3D Wheel Alignment System

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CEMB DWA3400 3D Wheel Alignment System

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DWA3400 3D-HD Technology wheel alignment system for cars Wheel alignment system for cars and light commercial vehicles. Unit complete with cabinet, computer control system, targets and all accessories required for alignment operations. 3D technology to detect all alignment parameters, wheel diameters, track, wheelbase and diagonals. Features optical targets without electronics, light and extremely robust. The standard wheel clamps have a range of 12″÷24″. Discover the new premium turnplates (optional). Database The new vehicle model ranking system allows a rapid and clear selection of the different vehicles. The CEMB database contains more than 55.000 vehicles and is constantly updated. Motorized camera beam The 3D camera support beam is motorized and fully automated. Camera beam height is automatically adjusted to the height of lift. Dedicated electronics The system features an industrial type computer, Windows based, solid state SSD Sata, USB interface. No moving parts (DVD/CD) that can cause problems. Direct Shut-Down technology. Userfriendly Software Features very clear and userfriendly graphics. The software system, entirely developed by CEMB, guides the user through all the alignment operations.   Specs: Power supply: 230 VAC single-phase 50/60 Hz | 115 VAC single-phase on request Max power absorbed: 0,7 kW Max current absorbed: 3 A - 230V | 6 A - 115V