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CEMB DWA1000XLT Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment System
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CEMB DWA1000XLT Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment System

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CEMB DWA1000XLT Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment System

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CEMB DWA1000XLT Wireless Heavy Truck Wheel Alignment System The CEMB DWA1000XLT wireless heavy truck wheel alignment system utilizes 8 Sensor CCD Technology and MEMS static accelerometers, providing the latest in measuring technology. CEMB's DWA 1000 total vehicle wheel alignment machine improves safety and driver comfort, reduces fuel consumption and tire wear. Comes fully assembled. Standard Accessories Grippers Metal grips for clamping on steel rims from the inside (also useable as adapters for others tips and grips)   Plastic Tips Plastic tips for wheel grabber kit   Grippers Extensions    Truck Grippers Truck steel wheel grippers   DuallyGrippers 1 set of dually wheel grippers   Wheel Clamps Wheel clamp with grabber kit   Arm Kit Extended clamp supporting arms for tyres up to 50”   Truck Sensors 4 Heavy Duty Truck sensor heads   Clamp Extensions Extensions to increase the operating diameter up to 30”   Steering Holder Steering wheel holder   Brake Lock Wheel Alignment Specification Book   BT2 Computer Keyboard and Computer with Wireless BT2 connection   23” monitor 23” LCD monitor   HP Printer    Database Heavy Duty Truck software and database   Features 8 sensor CCD technology DSP processing PC computer, keyboard and storage cabinet standard Four shock resistant BT2 wireless rechargeable alignment heads with charging station standard Featherweight alignment heads. Only 5.75 lbs each Lithium ion batteries for long life MEMS static accelerometers provide the latest in measuring technology (newest measuring technology) 30” wheel clamping range Windows based software with multiple languages Complete vehicle and customer database for Heavy Duty truck with alignment specification 30 years User friendly truck software alignment program Handles up to seven truck axles Accessory  DWA3400  DWA1000XLB  DWA1000XL  DWA1000XL  Steering Wheel Holder x opt x opt Brake Pedal Depressor x opt x opt Dually Wheel Pins opt opt opt x Self-Centering Clamps opt opt opt opt Clamp Extensions Up to 30" opt opt opt x Drop Down Clamps n/a opt opt opt 40" Arm Kit opt opt opt opt 50" Arm Kit opt opt opt x Backup Cable Kit n/a opt opt opt Car Turnplates opt opt opt opt Car Rear Slip Plates opt opt opt opt Truck Turnplates n/a opt opt opt Truck Rear Grease Plates n/a opt opt opt Wheel Grabber Kit n/a opt opt x 24" High Wheel Stands n/a opt opt opt Wheel Stand Roller Kit n/a opt opt opt Dust Cover opt opt opt opt Cemb Wheel Alignment Banner opt opt opt opt SPECS: Specifications DWA1000XLT Power Supply 110VAC Shipping Dimensions L58" x W43" x H85" Gross Shipping Weight 320 lbs.