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Bendpak Screw Pad Assy./ 60mm pin - Set of 4
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Bendpak Screw Pad Assy./ 60mm pin - Set of 4

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Bendpak Screw Pad Assy./ 60mm pin - Set of 4

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  Adjustable screw lift pads provide the operator with a greater level vertical control when operating a BendPak 9,000 or 10,000-lb. two-post car lift. Gives an extra 3" of clearance. Rubber top screw pad comes with one receiver. Each sold separately.   Features: • Vertically adjustable screw-type lift pads • Fits 9,000 and 10,000-lb. capacity BendPak two-post lifts, except for: XPR-9S-LP, XPR-10S-LP and XPR-10AS-LP• Gives additional 3" of fine pad adjustment• Rubber top screw pad includes one receiver• Each each sold separately Note: Not for use on these BendPak XPR LP models: •  XPR-9S-LP LOW PRO ARMS•  XPR-10S-LP LOW PRO ARMS•  XPR-10A​S-LP LOW PRO ARMS   * Pads sold individually and pictures may represent different pin size please confirm you need a 60MM pin for your Bend Pak lift       Specs   //