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Bendpak Portable wheel kit
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Bendpak Portable wheel kit

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Bendpak Portable wheel kit

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  The HD-9 Portable Caster Kit was designed for those who love the lifting power of their HD-9 series lift, but find that their shop or garage would be that much more efficient if they could actually move it around. Quick installation gets you rolling in no time. Features: For use on HD-9 series lift Provides mobility for easy movement and storage Can be installed or uninstalled easily Heavy-duty construction Mounting bar T-handle rod Washer (T-handle rod) Cotter pin design Caster wheel * Contact Sega Automotive Equipment for exact shipping quote, shipping may vary. 1-833-BUY-SEGA     Specs Caster wheel bolts: 4 Caster wheel nuts: 4 Caster wheel washers: 4 Lock washers: 4 Shipping weight: 1​00 lbs. / ​45 kg Shipping dimensions: 41" x 12" x 13" / 1,041 mm x 305 mm x 330 mm