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Bendpak PL-7000XR 7,000 Lb. Two Post Parking Lift
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Bendpak PL-7000XR 7,000 Lb. Two Post Parking Lift

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Bendpak PL-7000XR 7,000 Lb. Two Post Parking Lift

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BendPak’s PL-7000XR two-post parking lift elegantly gets twice as much out of a single parking space. With a 7,000-lb. capacity, dual-hydraulic cylinder, wide-deck platform and integrated key-activated power switch, the PL-7000XR parking lift represents unparalleled convenience and versatility for just about any parking situation. The Only Parking Lift You May Ever Need When you run out of space to pack 'em, stack 'em! The BendPak PL-7000XR 7,000-lb. capacity parking lift adds exceptional expansive capabilities to just about any private garage or commercial parking lot. Capable of lifting and storing passenger vehicles and light trucks, this parking lift definitely pulls its weight. A post height of less than 11' makes the PL-7000XR viable for lower ceilings, while the smaller footprint design keeps the floor clear and lets you place multiple lifts in tight rows. As with all BendPak products, safety is our primary concern, so the PL-7000XR is made out of only the highest-quality materials. Minimum footprint Two-post parking lifts are popular because they service one purpose: parking vehicles in tighter spaces. Unlike wider four-post lifts that double as parking lifts, the PL-7000XR has all the lifting height while taking up less space in your garage. This makes them ideal for both home users and professionals who want to stack multiple lifts side-by-side without an inch of room to spare. The units can be staggered or installed in an even row. Dual hydraulic cylinders BendPak has perfected the hydraulic lift system. Dual cylinders provide an even lift, while an integrated flow divider on each cylinder controls the lift descent in the extremely unlikely event of catastrophic hose rupture. Dual synchronization lifting chains Heavy-duty lifting chains lift evenly and maintain a balanced platform at all times. They’re rugged, maintenance-free and self-lubricating, and they run smoothly over carriage bearings that are also durable and completely maintenance-free. Internal design All moving parts (e.g., cylinders, chains) are kept within the lift structure. No dirt, debris, spills or weather conditions will affect the performance of your lift, nor will you risk tangling your clothes or pinching your fingers in the moving chains. This is as much a safety concern as it is designed to provide a more attractive parking lift. Automatic safety locks Multiple locking levels let you decide how high or low you’re going to park, so even if you operate in a garage with a low ceiling, you can still safely stack your vehicles. The locks release upon descent. Wide base support The base support on the PL-7000XR is only about the length of a car and just wide enough to provide perfect stability, but it doesn’t sacrifice crucial safety features for the sake of being compact. In fact, BendPak has built its reputation on making car lifts that are extraordinarily safe and tested more rigorously than the competition. Key-activated on/off function Key activation puts you in complete control of your parking lift structure. This is a safety feature that’s obviously convenient for operators in garages. It keeps the controls in the hands of those certified to use it. It’s also great for home users. Kids, pets and foolish friends won’t raise or lower the platform just by bumping the buttons. Features 7,000-lb. lifting capacity parking lift Minimum footprint allows multiple installations in limited space Independent lifting structures allows for staggered installation Power-unit and controls integrated within lift structure Freestanding design reduces tax and permit liabilities in most counties Overhead power unit provides smooth quiet hydraulic operation Wide-deck platform accommodates pickups, vans and cars Designed for installation on typical parking surfaces Durable construction for maximum stability Dual hydraulic cylinders and heavy-duty lifting chain Dual synchronization chains keeps the deck level under all conditions Automatic safety lock Maintenance-free composite carriage bearings Maintenance-free self-lubricating chain rollers Wide-base plate mounts directly on grade, even on asphalt No special site preparation required for installation Optional audible/visual descent alarm available Standard integrated key-activated power on/off switch Specs Lifting capacity: 7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg Overall length: 173-1/2" / 4,405 mm Platform length: 157-1/2" / 4,001 mm Overall width: 98" / 2,489 mm Platform width: 85" / 2,165 mm Overall height: 131" / 3,327 mm Overall rise: 85" / 2,159 mm Lifting time: 30-seconds Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph //