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Bendpak HDS18EA 18,000 Lbs Alignment Lift
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Bendpak HDS18EA 18,000 Lbs Alignment Lift


Bendpak HDS18EA 18,000 Lbs Alignment Lift

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You’re now looking at the largest-capacity alignment lift we make. When you need to align truck wheels, BendPak’s free-floating slip plates and galvanized steel turn plates make the job easy to get done right the first time.

A Four-Post Truck Lift for Every Alignment Application

BendPak’s largest-capacity alignment lift easily accommodates vehicles up to 18,000 lbs. Of course, it still services smaller sports cars and race cars without a problem. If your shop is busy and can’t afford the space for multiple lifts, you’ll need the extra lifting power to be ready for those lager trucks and SUVs. The HDS-18EA offers the same safety features and rugged design as every other car lift we make, from the aircraft-quality steel cables and enhanced cable sheaves to the adjustable locking heights and slack-cable secondary lock system. You’ll also enjoy the best warranty money can buy, which makes this ​auto lift the very best value of any alignment lift, anywhere. Full stop.

Slip plates

Our rear-seated, free-floating slip plates let you perform wheel alignments on heavy trucks while keeping vehicle suspensions relaxed, securely fitted on the slip plates. This is the best way to perform wheel alignments because it eliminates potential flex and loss of pressure in rear tire walls as a result of old-fashioned alignments that require individual wheel jacking.

Turn plate

BendPak’s galvanized and corrosion-resistant front-alignment turn plates feature dual recessed turn plate pockets that position your turn plates to help position your vehicle with very little effort: your equipment installations (i.e. 3D alignment pads) can be managed breezily.

Dual-hub cable sheaves

BendPak’s cable sheaves are world-class and over-engineered to function for years as though they were brand new. Simply picking up and holding one of these sheaves is convincing enough to see they’re not going to wear out any time soon. Not simply molded chunks of steel to route the cables, they’re heavy, massive and virtually immoveable when installed within the structure. We call our 12" diameter cable sheaves “supersized” for a reason. They’re located with within the runway along with equally impressive 4" diameter sheave axles.

Heavy-duty aircraft cable

1/2” diameter, 6 x 25 aircraft-quality stainless-steel lifting cables do their part to make our alignment lifts some of the most robust lifts ever constructed. These cables hoist your lift in the air in just seconds. They’re internally routed, but you can still see the runway through the open side of each column. This lets you see for yourself that BendPak cables remain lubricated during each use and rarely, if ever, show signs of wear.

Adjustable height locking positions

The ability to choose your own working height is essential. BendPak offers multiple locking levels on every car lift we make in order to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Built-in lubrication

Grease nipples lubricate the cable sheaves, keeping all cables and runways operating smoothly. You’ll rarely need to lubricate the grease fittings. We just ask that you perform periodic maintenance as indicated in your owner’s manual. We promise it isn’t much.

Flow restrictor

A lift that utilizes hydraulic systems needs a flow divider to keep the lift platforms rising evenly. Flow dividers also ensure your lift lowers slowly in the unlikely event of a hydraulic failure. This safety feature is non-negotiable for us, so we manufacture it into every alignment lift we make.

Spring-loaded safety locks

Springs engage at the locking points of each column and accommodate for slight slopes in your garage.

Push-button pneumatic lock release

With the locks in place, it’s easy to release them again and get the car lift platform moving. A pneumatic lock release is activated with the push of a button, and it targets all four locks at once. Stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders keep your truck lift working for many years of reliable service.

Secondary lock system

Cable slack issues are for the last century! BendPak’s cable slack detection acts as a secondary lock system, engaging instantly when slack exceeds operating parameters. The power unit shuts down until the problem can be fixed.

Integrated design

We’re proud to internally route all our cables and runway systems. This provides the best and most appealing user experience, and it increases the lifespan of the alignment lift. Weather and corrosive materials that can spill across the floor in busy service bays should never be a concern. In case of an accident, the workings of your lift are protected from many hazards that present themselves in shops.

Electric-hydraulic power system

An ergonomically placed display underlines BendPak’s commitment to sophisticated technology that’s easy for anyone to get quickly trained on and safely use. The display’s stop and start functions are logically placed alongside the emergency shutoff and warning configurations. If you have any questions about how your lift is operating, the power system display readout is often the first and best place to look.

Longer approach ramps

Alignment lifts are used repetitively in most shops, and oftentimes, many different chassis styles will be lifted in the course of a day. Low-bodied vehicles risk bottoming out if the lift ramps are too short, and larger trucks and SUVs are tricky to maneuver when you have to apply extra gas to climb a steep slope and hit the brake right away to prevent going too far or driving off the platform. Our extended ramps make loading vehicles a worry-free, hassle-free operation.

Flexible protective conduit

All cables, including hydraulic lines and airlines, are protected by a conduit that is tough, durable and non-conducive to electricity. If it’s potentially exposed to the elements, we’ve got it covered. Literally.

Rolling bridge jacks

Turn your alignment lift into a multi-purpose tool for tire changes and brake service. Rolling bridge jacks, which also work on our four-post lifts, engage vehicle frames and lift vehicles off the runways. Two bridge jacks lift the entire vehicle for full-service accessibility. Not having to swap vehicles onto multiple lifts is a huge time-saver in busy shops. Frame contact pads support larger frames (i.e. trucks, SUVs) and each jack features telescoping arms to help reach the lift points on virtually every vehicle type.

  • 18,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN-1493
  • Multi-caster slip plates
  • Spring-loaded automatic safety locks
  • Supersized 12" diameter cable sheaves
  • Four stainless steel lifting cables
  • Grease nipples on every sheave and axle
  • Single hydraulic under-runway cylinder
  • Integrated hydraulic flow restrictor
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Push-button pneumatic lock release
  • Secondary lock system on constant guard
  • Enclosed cables, airlines, safety latches
  • Multiple adjustable locking positions
  • Maintenance-free power system
  • Conveniently located controls
  • 12" x 12" base plates
  • Optional rolling jacks available
Lifting Capacity 18,000 lbs. (8,165 kg)
Max Capacity / Front Axle 9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg)
Max Capacity / Rear Axle 9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg)
A - Min. Runway Height: 10.5" (267 mm)
B - Max. Rise: 60" (1,524 mm)
C - Max. Lifting Height: 70.5" (1,791 mm)
Time to Full Rise: 75 seconds
Outside Dimensions
D - Overall Width: 154" (3,912 mm)
E - Outside Length: 257" (6,528 mm)
F - Overall Length: 309.25" (7,855 mm)
G - Height of Columns: 93" (2,362 mm)
Inside Dimensions
H - Width Between Columns: 134" (3,404 mm)
I - Drive-Thru Clearance: 109" (2,769 mm)
J - Runway Width: 22" (559 mm)
K - Length of Runways: 249" (6,325 mm)
L - Width Between Runways: 38" (965 mm) or 56" (1,422 mm)
Minimum Wheelbase
Rated Capacity: 185" (4,699 mm)
75% Capacity: 160" (4,064 mm)
50% Capacity: 135" (3,429 mm)
25% Capacity: 110" (2,794 mm)
Locking Positions: 9
Lock Spacing: Every 6" (152 mm)
Power Unit
Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Noise: 45 dB
Weight: 6,790-lbs. (3,079 kg)
Dimensions: 265'' x 26'' x 38'' (6,731 mm x 660 mm x 965 mm)

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