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Bendpak 1302BAS-302 1302 Automatic With 302 Die Package
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Bendpak 1302BAS-302 1302 Automatic With 302 Die Package

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Bendpak 1302BAS-302 1302 Automatic With 302 Die Package

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 A Semi-Automatic Pipe Bender for Speed, Consistency   Quick-change bending dies With simple, twistable locks and quick-change bending dies, you’ll be cycling through bending projects faster than any of your competitors. Let them try to play catch-up with their cheap imitation pipe benders while you run ahead with the best. You’ll be glad you went with the world leader in pipe bending. 180° bending capacity The number one request our pipe bender customers have is simply to get the deepest bend possible. We figure a U-shape is pretty darn good. If you need to bend more than 170°, ask about our 180° dies. Our pipe benders perfectly bend on a 5” radius, never permitting pipe sticking or hang-ups. Our unique relief cut design keeps a uniform bend throughout the entire bend cycle and prevents excessive crimping or deformation from costing you money and wasting your precious time. 3" bending capacity with die kit A 3” bending die is integrated into every pipe bender we make. The design may look ordinary, but what you don’t see is the unique step-cut process we use to craft our die rails. Superior design means better-contained, larger tubing and more uniform bends across the board. Even though we call them pipe benders, they’re capable of expanding and flaring, as well. BendPak’s die options make choosing the right die for the job easier than ever. Long-stroke bending cylinder BendPak pipe benders, fitted with an extended-length, 14” top cylinder, do not require the use of pusher block extensions for small-radius die jobs. Additionally, the cylinder can be retracted, offering more clearance for die-changing, as well as the removal of bent tubes. Clampless swager A clampless swager comes standard on our pipe benders. Capable of putting out more than 30,000 lbs. of force, your end forming will be fast and extremely precise. Setup becomes a breeze as you prepare to handle I.D. expansions, O.D. expansions, slip-fits, flares, ball-joints, reductions and manifold flanges. Quick-release tooling means no old-fashioned vise will be found in the clamp assembly. Each pipe bender is engineered with narrow-hinged collars that drop into position to let the flare tubing ends as close as 3” during bend. The more pressure gets applied to the clamps, the better their overall grip, so slippage never becomes a problem. Internal segment expander Our pipe benders feature a unique internal segment expander that works on I.D. expansions, O.D. expansions, slip-fits, flares, ball-joints and manifold flanges. The buttress canister has a single position setting for all I.D. expansions and can be adjusted for other sizes. A single arbor is used for all tubing sizes 1.5" - 3". Together, the clampless swager and internal expander make end-finishing operations much simpler (e.g., reducing, internal swaging, flares). Our pipe benders are equipped with a double-ended cylinder for both the clampless swager and segment expander. A single control handle operates the cylinder and is placed toward the middle, so you can stand comfortably in one location and operate both sides. Electric foot switch An independent remote foot switch allows you to perform manual bending operations while standing in front of the bending head or up to 4' away. Having the convenience of remote operation is an added plus, especially when handling larger tubing. Switches are industrial-grade quality and covered for your protection. Features 2 separate end-finishing units at rear for all necessary flaring and expanding 3-button control for automatic or manual bending operations Comes complete with quick release bending and finishing dies Includes high-speed clampless swager and internal expander Easy-to-use drop-in collar makes swaging operations quick and efficient Twist-lock tooling Integrated power-relief control valve Pass-through cylinder stem passes completely through the primary frame Rigid 6" x 6" x 3/8" welded-steel tube frame Commercial-grade hydraulic cylinders All cylinders feature chrome-molly shafts, conforming to ANSI 92.2 standards Quick-release bending dies for reduced set-up times Bending heads precision grounded to within .002" Enclosed controls keep your bending area clutter-free 2.5" oversized barrel shafts for maximum dependability and minimum maintenance Standard grease fittings allow for simple lubrication NEMA rated on / off switch box incorporates overload relays that automatically disrupt power supply should an unforeseen over-current situation occur Pressure gauges let you know exactly what the system pressures are at all times Industrial grade casters help you easily move the bender around your shop Remote foot operated controls for added long-distance control Adjustable pressure valve located right up front One piece barrel ensures that the bending gates stay perfectly aligned with the ram Heat-treated tooling for greater service life Convenient tool trays keep your tooling organized Strong, 5 HP Baldor energy efficient motor delivers maximum performance Direct-drive, high-speed, 4 gpm pump Single enclosed bottom cylinder applies pressure evenly to the back gates and, because it is hidden, does not interfere with the tubing Large capacity fluid reservoir keeps the hydraulic oil running cooler and prevents contamination Canister oil filter in the hydraulic system keeps the oil nice and clean Oil sight-gauges allow you to visually inspect oil levels Semi-Auto Pipe Bender Specifications Overview Bending Controls:Semi-Automatic / 3-Button Expander Controls:Manual / Knee Lever Frame Style:Double-Ended Expander Max. Tube Capacity:3" (76 mm) .095 wall Bending Max. Bending Radius:5" (127 mm) Min. Bending Radius:3.3" (89 mm) Hydraulics Top Cylinder Force:60,000 lbs. (27,216 kg) Hydraulic Filter:Canister Motor:5 HP / 208-230 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 PH Die Pack Standard: 1.5", 1.75", 1.625", 2", 2.25", 2.5" (302) Dimensions Width:41" (1,041 mm) Depth:64" (1,626 mm) Height:26" (660 mm) Shipping Weight:1282 Dimensions:48" x 70" x 30" (1,219 mm x 1,778 mm x 762 mm)

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Bendpak 1302BAS-302 1302 Automatic With 302 Die Package