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AMGO DX-12A 12,000 lb. Scissor Alignment Lift
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AMGO DX-12A 12,000 lb. Scissor Alignment Lift


AMGO DX-12A 12,000 lb. Scissor Alignment Lift

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The AMGO DX-12A Double Scissors Lift is the ideal lift for easily and conveniently lifting all wheels off the runway for brake, tire, suspension and two or four-wheel alignment work. The DX-12A is made stronger, more versatile, and easier to use and can lift 12,000lbs.


• 12,000lbs capacity for main scissor lift and 9,000lbs capacity for secondary scissor lift

• Synchronization cylinders system equipped with hose burst valves

• Safety stop device at the height of 11 3/4″, both control buttons are needed to lower the lift from 11 3/4″ to ground, with tone alarm for added safety

• Skid proof diamond runways and optional adjustable turnplate pockets

• Self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings

DX-12A Scissor Alignment Lift
Lift Capacity 12,000 lbs.
Lifting Time 63s
A1: Lifting Height 73 5/8″ (1870mm)
A2: Minimum Height 12″ (305mm)
B: Runway Length 196 1/2″ (4991mm)
D: Overall Width 86 1/4″ (2190mm)
E: Runway Width 24 5/8″ (625mm)
E: Overall Length(Inc.Ramps) 257″ (6527mm)
F: Width Between Runways 37″ (940mm)
G: Min.Four Wheel Alignment 85 7/8″ (2180mm)
H: Max.Four Wheel Alignment 2,013 lbs (913 kg)
I: Max.Two Wheel Alignment 172 7/8″ (4390mm)
Secondary Scissor Lifting Capacity 9,000lbs (4000kg)
J: Secondary Scissor Lifting Height 16 1/2″ (420mm)
K: Secondary Scissor Length 63″~76 1/8″ (1600~1934mm)
Gross Weight 5,706 lbs (2,588 kg)
Motor 2.0HP 220V/60Hz Single Phase

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