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Olympic 8,000 lb. 4 post portable storage extra wide 220V
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Olympic 8,000 lb. 4 post portable storage extra wide 220V

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Olympic 8,000 lb. 4 post portable storage extra wide 220V

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The Olympic® 4PML-8B is an EXTRA-WIDE Heavy-Duty Car Storage Lift that doubles as a maintenance lift. Included pin-on caster arms makes it truly portable.

This design is targeted at customers desiring an extra wide Heavy-Duty car storage system that also makes vehicle maintenance easy. The ladder lock system and single-point release improve safety and ease of use. Perfect for lifting, storing, and maintaining most any car on the road. An excellent choice for race teams, car collectors, or your garage! Durable and safe to use. Internationally certified and tested to achieve a minimum of 150% of its stated load capacity. Note: see 4PMXL-8 for an extra wide lift with movable runways.

It's portable! Comes with pin-on caster arms allowing you to move it on demand. Optional 110V power supply (+$99) allows you to plug it into any 110V wall outlet or extension cord making it truly mobile.

Use it as a car stacker. Park a second vehicle under the deck, use it for storage, or as extra work space. The automatic ladder locking system assures your safety.

Increases work and storage space. It’s an excellent choice for race teams, car collectors, and home garages! If you want to store a car, while still using the space under it for a workspace, or to stow another vehicle under it this configuration is your best bet.


  • Olympic 5-Year Warranty
  • Extra width allows for wider vehicles
  • Powerful 3 hp motor
  • Convenient drive through design
  • Single point lock release.
  • Large slider blocks for added stability
  • 10 locking positions
  • Aircraft quality cables rated at 14,000 LBS
  • Steel runways formed from 3/16" non-skid diamond plate
  • Large 3" diameter cylinder
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • 18.7" runway width
  • Detachable ramps are 31" in length
  • Detachable stops can be moved to either end
  • Standard 220V, 110V Power Unit (+$99)
  • Accessory package includes ramps, drip trays, and caster arms
  • 6,000 LB Hydraulic center jack Optional

Style 4-Post Mobile Storage Lift
Weight Capacity 8,000 lbs
Overall Lift Length 205.9 in
Overall Width 131.8 in
Overall Height 87.8 in
Min. Lift Height 4"
Max. Lift Height 71"
Width Between Posts 122.8"
Track Length 165"
Runway Width 18.7"
Max. Clearance Under Tracks 70.8"
Width Between Tracks 44.7"
Center Jack Capacity 6,000 lbs
Speed of Rise 1 min
Speed of Lowering 1 min
Motor Size 3 HP
Voltage 220V/110V