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Olympic 7,800 lb. flush mount full-rise scissor lift 220V
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Olympic 7,800 lb. flush mount full-rise scissor lift 220V

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Olympic 7,800 lb. flush mount full-rise scissor lift 220V

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The Olympic FMSL-78 7,800 LB Flush Mount Scissor Lift is the perfect lift for commercial quick service bays and tire service specialists that need extra lifting height. It easily lifts up to a 7,800 lb. car or truck to a comfortable working height without requiring the user to position arms under the lifting points of the vehicle. It can be flush mounted in a pit or floor mounted. Flush mounting allows vehicles to drive over it to position the the vehicles. Please the heavy-duty rubber blocks under the correct lifting points and you are ready to work. Set up is quick, easy, and minimizes the potential for damage to running boards or the underside of the vehicle.

The convenient open middle of the Lift allows you easy access to the underside of the vehicle not easily accessible with many portable full structure mid-rise lifts. The approach ramps lock into position extending the runway platform length while providing a steady platform for most any vehicle. The fully automatic controls, dual power cylinders, and the solid safety lock bars make this lift one of the most versatile and easy to use full rise scissor lifts available.


  • Nearly 73" lift height.
  • Optional flush (pit) mount, it or floor mount.
  • Pneumatic self-locking system is safe and reliable.
  • Hydraulic system uses advanced integrated valve plate oiling and Italian seals to ensure stability and long service life.
  • Manual release feature allows vehicle to be lowered safely during power outages.
  • Copper core motor is a widely favored international brand.
  • Heavy-duty square tube design prevents distortion.
  • Flush mount improves floor space.
  • Durable powder coated finish.

Style Scissor Lift
Weight Capacity 7,800 lbs.
Minimum Lift Height 13.8 in
Maximum Lift Height 72.8 in
Table Length 57.5 in
Table Width 21.6 in
Ramp Width 38.3 in
Required Air Pressure 6-8 KG/Cm