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Olympic 6,000 lb platform parking lift 220V
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Olympic 6,000 lb platform parking lift 220V

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Olympic 6,000 lb platform parking lift 220V

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The Olympic PPL-6 Platform Parking Lift is part of a modular parking system. It allows you to park from two to six vehicles, or more in a garage space that typically holds half that. Use it as a 2-post stand-alone two car stacker, or combine them, sharing posts to maximize storage space. This space-saving design allows you to install a parking lift in more spaces than ever before.

And it’s durable! It has exceeded 120% capacity in dynamic load tests and 150% capacity static load tests. Assures you of the highest quality and most technically advanced car parking solution available. A workhorse in commercial, private, and residential settings, as well as being ideal for the automotive enthusiast's dream garage.

It is an excellent choice in settings where ceiling clearances are limited, and vehicle heights are restricted. If you want to get the most storage out of your private carport or garage, this premium auto stacker parking lift gets the job done right, while maximizing your work space.


  • Olympic 5-Year Warranty
  • 6,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Posts can be shared increasing space and steadiness
  • Accommodates all cars and smaller SUVs on the lower (grade) level
  • Accommodates larger SUVs and minivans on the upper level (ceiling heights permitting)
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Manual lock release and 24V automatic controls are all available
  • Available in both residential 110V and commercial 220V power options
  • Manual lock release and 24V automatic control are all available
  • Chain-equalization system
  • Single manual or e-lock release systems are safe and reliable
  • Wear-resistant, heat-resistant and high strength macromolecular design
  • polyethylene slide blocks
  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Solenoid valve has emergency manual lock release function
  • Standard 220V power supply