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Olympic 10,000 lb. 4 post H-D Alignment lift 220V
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Olympic 10,000 lb. 4 post H-D Alignment lift 220V

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Olympic 10,000 lb. 4 post H-D Alignment lift 220V

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The Olympic 4PHDA-10 10,000 LB H-D Series Alignment Lift. H-D Series Lifts represent the absolute best value for the customer who wants a commercial quality professional grade lift at a reasonable price. Olympic H-D Series lifts have been manufactured for more than 40 years and described as bullet-proof!

This lift incorporates many structural and cosmetic features that are found on lifts costing thousands of dollars more. An advanced design allows for a variety of automotive service procedures including professional high-precision four-wheel alignment, vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance operations. The main hydraulic components of this machine are made of high-quality Italian parts. it is safe, reliable and stable while operating.

Once a vehicle is loaded, the rolling jack (included) can be used to lift the vehicle off the runways for wheel service operations. The hydraulic center jack has telescoping arms that extend over the runways to access lift points. These jacks have screw out extensions or optional stack on truck adapters. Welded rails on the inside of the runways support the rolling center jack. All H-D Series lifts are Internationally Certified and tested to perform flawlessly at 150% of its rated load capacity.


  • Olympic 5-Year Warranty
  • Max lift height: 70.9"
  • 20.4" track width
  • Single point manual lock release
  • Cable driven lifting system
  • Adjustable lock system, locks at any height
  • Adjustable runway for different tread cars
  • Cable anti-failure system to improve safety
  • Italian oil seals
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • With turntable and sliding plate for alignment function
  • Standard 220V power, Optional 110V power (+$99)
  • Electric/hydraulic rolling center jack included
  • Alignment turntables included
  • One 6,000 LB electric/hydraulic powered rolling center jack included

Rolling Center Jack Features

  • One 6,000 lb rolling center jack is included with each lift.
  • Additional jacks available on Parts & Accessories page.
  • 2pcs 4" truck adapters included for each center jack.
  • Center jack is controlled by the hydraulic power unit.
  • Telescoping arms extend over the runways.
  • Two direction conversion valve installed on power unit as pictured.
  • Screw out type extensions as pictured.

Style 4-Post Lift
Weight Capacity 10,000 lbs
Overall Lift Length 229"
Overall Width 132.4"
Overall Height 87.4"
Maximum Lift Height 67"
Track Length 181" OR 197"
Runway Width 20.4"
Center Jack Capacity 6,000 lbs.
Speed of Rise 50s
Speed of Lowering 50s
Motor Size 3 HP
Voltage 220V/110V 1ph 2.2KW