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Four Post Automotive Lifts

Although not as popular as 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts are still your best option when it comes to jobs that require an extra layer of safety. The reason is simple, four-post lifts also known as wheel contact or “drive-on” lifts, raise the vehicle without compromising its center of gravity. In other words, for a vehicle to fall from a 4 post lift is extremely difficult.

However, that is far from the only reason to consider purchasing this type of automotive lift.

In theory, 2 post lifts require a certified technician with adequate skills to position the vehicle in order to raise it in a safe manner. On the other hand, almost anyone can use a four-post lift. The runways of the 4 post lift allow the operator to drive the car onto the lift (usually in a single maneuver) and then start working immediately. There is no need to triple-check that the vehicle’s center of gravity is correctly positioned or ensure that the vehicle is being lifted evenly. 

Not convinced yet? Let’s review a few additional benefits exclusive to four-post car lifts

  • They allow the technician to “shake the car” if necessary, really handy when working on the exhaust system and certain engine/transmission repairs
  • Some four-post lifts come with a caster kit that enables you to move them around
  • Generally speaking, 4 post lifts offer higher capacities than 2 post lifts, so if you work with full-sized SUVs or heavy-duty commercial vehicles, then you might need this type of lift in your workshop

Have doubts? Not sure about what type of lift is right for your shop? Kindly contact us, at Mechanic Superstore our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you through the process of selecting a 4 post lift that fits your needs.


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