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Our Top 8 Wheel Balancers for your Garage


The ultimate guide to finding the right Wheel Balancer for your professional garage.

Our Top 8 Wheel Balancers for your Garage

September 21, 2020

The wheel position concerning the road surface should be intact to enjoy the best ride and achieve long tire life and fuel economy. The wheel alignment machine will help in fixing the wheel as per the original specifications of the manufacturer. As there are varieties of wheel alignment machines in the market, you should deploy the right one as per your budget, features, and accuracy level. The following wheel alignment machines come with the best features to fulfill the needs of your workshop:

Tuxedo wheel balancer 953 No Hood

The Tuxedo wheel balancer delivers accurate results. The standard features available with the machine include vehicle balancing for two-wheelers and cars in multi modes, storage pegs, and centering cones of four sizes. You will be able to balance rims up to 24”. The LED touch keypad display will help you in harmoniously using all the balancing features.

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Tuxedo Wb-Cb66-Ve Wheel Balancer

Rims up to 28 “ and wheel diameters up to 44” can be handled with the Tuxedo Wb-Cb66-Ve balancer. You can set the mode to SUV, car, or motorcycle as per the case. It works at low RPM and delivers highly balancing results. If you use the ALUS mode, the unit will light up automatically at unbalancing locations.

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Tuxedo Wb-448 Truck Wheel Balancer

The truck wheel balancer is a higher performance machine meant for heavy-duty operations. The unit can be balanced up to 298 lbs. It will give very accurate results and quickly. The wheel balancer is suggested for all kinds of maintenance shops. You can use the machine to balance a full range of vehicles, including cars and trucks.

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Triumph Ntb-900 Wheel Balancer

NTB-900 machine comes with advanced features. If you go for NTB-580, you will want to enter the wheel width, rim diameter, and the distance between the mounted wheel and the wheel balancer. With NTB-900, you have to enter the wheel width, and other parameters will be read automatically by touching the distance ruler present on the mounted wheel. Thus, you can save the labor cost, and the work can be accomplished quickly.

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Rotary Pro Truck 2d

This machine is useful for handling large jobs and works in a very efficient way. If you would like to check the wheel alignment of a commercial vehicle, Rotary Pro Truck 2d is ideal for your shop. The unit is equipped with Pro Truck 2D Microprocessor controlled self-diagnostics specific balancing programs.

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Ranger Wheel Balancer Dst-2420

If you need to work with a number of vehicles successfully with the highest reliability and accuracy levels, you should go for Ranger Wheel Balancer DST-2420. The machine comes with proprietary Digital Sensor Technology. It is an excellent asset for high volume shops.

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Ranger Dst642d Wheel Balancer

The machine will check imbalances automatically with the built-in Drive-Check technology. By adding minimum weights on the wheel, you can achieve perfect wheel alignment. The driving simulation will measure imbalances in all kinds of balancing modes. The overall maintenance cost of the machine will be meager, and it will give long life.

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Ranger Dst-30p Wheel Balancer

The machine will calibrate the wheel and tire configurations in a very accurate manner. It can handle wheels up to 30” diameter. The machine delivers a smooth drive with the help of the direct-drive mechanism. With the implementation of precise digital sensor technology, you will balance the wheel in a very efficient way.

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