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Chevy vs Ford


Is Chevy really better than Ford? Well, that depends on who you ask.

Chevy vs Ford

November 23, 2020

Is Chevy really better than Ford? Well, that depends on who you ask. Both brands have their fans, or as they are often called, enthusiasts. However, as is often the case in sports or politics, the followers of Chevrolet and Ford in some cases are extremely radical. So you are already warned. In this article, we are going to cover a hot topic.

Chevy vs Ford, How was The Rivalry Started? 

Despite what many people think, the rivalry between the two brands did not begin in the 60s. So we regret starting the article by breaking that romantic vision that Mustangs and Camaros started the rivalry between fans. No, the rivalry didn't start in the days of your grandparents either, so don't blame the memorable 1957 Chevy Bel Air.

That's right, go further back in time. Now more. A little more. Right there. Surprised? Yes, that's Henry Ford and his Model T.

The rivalry between Chevy and Ford dates back to the beginning of both brands. Over 100 years of antagonism, that partly explains the fanatism of some enthusiasts right? 

The truth is that the pioneer of the American auto industry, Henry Ford,  had an early advantage since his Model T had no real competition when it was launched in 1908. But that advantage did not last long. Ever since Louis Chevrolet launched the Classic Six (Chevrolet Series C) in 1912, Ford knew something big was coming. By 1928, Chevrolet had finally managed to outperform Ford, creating an engine far more powerful than any of the blue oval brand designs. And he had no qualms about bragging about it.

The rest is history.

Louis Chevrolet (Left) & Henry Ford (right)

Back to 2020, Which Brand Sells More Chevy or Ford?

Good question, especially for Chevy fanboys. Formally speaking, General Motors was the top-selling brand in the United States during 2019, with 2,887,046 units sold, while Ford Motors Company ranked second with 2,422,698 units sold. But GM is not Chevy, right? And FOMOCO is not Ford either. So who won?

Short answer, the Ford Division (aka Ford) sold 2,310,494 vehicles last year, (and once again) was considered as the favorite automotive brand in the U.S. On the other hand, Chevrolet only sold 1,958,925 units during the same period, placing the brand (again) in second place. 
Oh, don't feel sad. Hope is the last thing you lose. According to, GM Sold More Full-Size Trucks Than Ford, Ram In First Quarter 2020. Yes, we know that was in the first quarter of 2020, but come on! Let them dream! At least until the final 2020 figures are ready.

What Is The Most Reliable Brand, Chevy or Ford?

That’s an easy question, the answer is Toyota. Oh, you mean which brand is more reliable between Chevy and Ford? That’s almost impossible to answer. 

However, according to Consumer Reports’ “reliability score” the most reliable 2021 brand in the US is Mazda which achieved 83/100 score (Toyota ranked second to our dismay). Regarding the topic at hand, Chevrolet ranked 17 (with a score of 42), and Ford 22 (with a score of 38). Yay! Chevrolet!

Hey, hold on. We have not finished yet.

THE SAME REPORT also includes a section devoted to the 10 least reliable 2021 models in the US. Guess who is in the first place? Yes, you guessed it.

Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500

Ouch, that hurts. A direct hit to the hearts of Chevy enthusiasts. And before you ask, the “Ford” EcoSport is at position 9. And no, Ford F-Series is not on that list. 

Chevy vs Ford, The Battle Of The Trucks

It's no secret that pickup trucks lead vehicle sales in the United States. In fact, Ford F-Series trucks have been the bestselling vehicles for many years now. But we already talked about sales earlier. This section is about a different aspect. The battle of the trucks.

According to the statistics, the Ford F-150 has been a huge hit, overshadowing the Silverado 1500's sales year after year. Does that mean that the war is already lost for Chevrolet? No, not quite.

This is an exciting era. Perhaps one of the most important in the history of the automotive industry. We are talking about electric vehicles and their potential to take the rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet to another level.

GM recently resurrected the HUMMER brand as part of its new market strategy. In the words of the brand executives, the HUMMER EV is the world's first all-electric super truck. A somewhat bold statement, considering that Rivian, Tesla, and Ford itself have their own versions of electric pickups ready. However, the bet of GM (and most likely Chevrolet if the experiment goes well) is to offer a vehicle as impressive as the Tesla Cybertruck. Perhaps even more impressive.

So what does the future hold? Impossible to know. What is certain is that the rivalry between Chevy and Ford will surely continue for 100 more years, forcing each brand to improve its products, and therefore, benefiting all of us. Both Ford and Chevrolet lovers.

Upcoming Chevy & Ford All-Electric Pickups

Be Prepared For The Future

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