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Benefits of a Car Lift for Your Home Garage


Some tips and benefits of installation and use of one of our lifts for your garage.

Benefits of a Car Lift for Your Home Garage

October 5, 2020

For any car owner, who is possessive about their vehicle, installing a car lift in his garage becomes an essential requisite. Car lifts are ideal options for vehicle owners who need to inspect and service their cars on a regular basis. Hydraulic car lifts make life easy for the car owners when it comes to jacking up the vehicle at specific height to inspect the vehicle.

For people who are unaware, hydraulic car lifts are available in two variants, namely, two-posts and four-post. Both car lifts serve a common purpose, that of suspending the car to a specific height, by stretching the arms. There are twin advantages attached to car lifts, one, of increasing the parking space, and secondly, facilitating smooth and easy repair work of the vehicle. Most car owners prefer installing hydraulic car lifts, for reasons that, repairing and servicing their cars on their own gives them a different high as compared to taking their vehicle to any garage. 

Apart from two-post and four-post car lifts, “drive-on” car lift, is one of the other options available. In “drive-on” car lift the vehicle needs to be rested on the top of solid metal racks and then suspended at the required height. The procedure and working mechanism of all the three above mentioned car lifts remains the same, in spite of “drive-on” car lift boasting of high popularity amongst owners.

The basic working concept of car lifts involves application of force to the liquid, which is located in one place, with the pressure getting automatically transmitted within the system and putting a powerful impact in another place. This basic principle helps in lifting the car and keeping it suspended and elevated at a required height as needed for easy and smooth inspection and repair. 

Following are some of the benefits offered by installing car lifts. 

. Elevator for moving cars in vertical direction

. ILT (Integral Lift Trolley), an ideal option for easy transfer of cars from parking bays onto the concrete floors. 

Space Optimization

Parking space can be utilized to optimum levels by suing four-post car lifts, which allow parking of two cars, one above the other. Four-post and two-post car lifts are durable and reliable offering commendable services to generations and generations. These car lifts are capable of bearing heavy duty weight and have multiple locking systems. Apart from maximum utility of parking space, car lifts go a long way in helping the car owners display their collections. 

Safety Benefits

When it comes to increasing the overall functionality and safety of the garage space, car lifts act as an ideal options, for more reasons than one. Most car lifts are designed by keeping in mind various prevention and protection features, thereby making it a wise investment, for the car owners. 

Here’s taking a brief look at some of the benefits of installing car lifts.

. Accessing different parts of the vehicle becomes easier

. Cost saving in form of repair expenses

. Inspecting the car becomes easier

. Car lifts are better alternatives to hydraulic jacks and single posts and stands
. Optimum utilization of garage space

There are various car lifts available in the market, for both, commercial as well as personal use.

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