All You Need to Know about Wilson Springs Ponds Nampa

Wilson Springs Ponds Nampa is a premier destination for a relaxing family outing. This location is ideal for fishermen and nature lovers of all ages. There are many amenities for visitors to enjoy, including fishing, picnicking, and nature-inspired pampering.Flows into the Wilson DrainThe Flows into the Wilson Drain is located near Nampa, Idaho. This is a popular fishery in the area that hosts Rainbow trout, Largemouth bass, and brook trout. The site is maintained by the Canyon County Parks Department, with help from Idaho Fish and Game Southwest Region.Directions to Wilson Springs Ponds NampaWhether you love nature or fishing, you'll love the tranquility at Wilson Springs Ponds in Nampa. You'll find trails and ponds for hikers of all skill levels, and you can even find restaurants nearby.

It's the perfect place to get away from it all for a few hours.Wilson Springs Ponds is a 55-acre nature preserve in the south part of Nampa. The ponds are regularly stocked with trout and bass, and they're ideal for fishing. You'll also find tons of birds and other wildlife at Wilson Springs. Order a 4 Post car lift.The ponds are also home to ticks and bird poop, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes.What kind of fish are in Caldwell Rotary Pond?If you're looking for a lake that offers a diverse population of fish, check out Caldwell's Rotary Park Ponds. The ponds are easy to get to and are stocked regularly by the Idaho Fish and Game Department. Bass are a popular species to target here, but other species, such as walleye and panfish, can also be found.Caldwell Rotary Pond is 17 acres in size and is home to rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish. It was stocked with 1,100 trout on Oct. 30 and will continue to be stocked until winter conditions make fishing impossible.The Cascade Reservoir has two stocking programs, one in May and one in September. Eagle Island Park Pond has about 450 fish each day, while Mann Creek Reservoir has up to 2,000 fish.